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17_TheTastebudISwallowed Intallation Shot.jpg
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The Tastebud I Swallowed Worm Detail.jpg
The Tastebud I Swallowed Fountain.jpg
The Tastebud I Swallowed, Detail Fountian.jpg
The Tastebud I Swallowed, Detail Fountain Wall.jpg
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The Tastebud I Swallowed, Video Installation, 2021

Alice F. and Harris K. Weston Art Gallery, Aronoff Center for the Arts, Cincinnati, OH

'Tidal Pull' Curated by Maria Seda-Reeder

The Tastebud I Swallowed

Video and Sculpture Installation


Gallery 1: 

6 videos on alternating loops, 3 separate sounds located in different parts of the installation, pinhole light on motorized track, PETG plastic, paper pulp, various adhesives, yarn, paint, monster energy drink, sand, plastic tube


Plastic sculptures: Like monoprints, the artist vacuum formed PETG plastic sheets using small sculptures in a grid-like form. The prints reference an electronic motherboard and provide an abstract structure. A pinhole light on a motorized track moves rhythmically across the plastic forms, slowly elongating and then constricting the shadows. 


Paper Pulp sculptures: Paper, adhesive, acrylic yarn fibers, acrylic and neon paint

Projections are layered physically in the space so as the viewer walks in front of one, a different video is revealed in their shadows

Gallery 2: 

2 videos with sound on alternating loops, Pin light on moving track, Vacuum formed prints of sculptures on PETG plastic, paper pulp sculptures with acrylic paint, 

Monster Energy beverage, sand, gel, vinyl tube, acrylic painted ceramics 

A pinhole light moves back and forth in a rhythmic motion, referencing the setting and rising sun. As the light moves the shadows of the suspended sculpture are illuminated. PETG plastic mono-prints are hung side by side six inches from the wall. The relief prints are created using a vacuum former. Like fossils, the captured form are of small sculptures stemming from research of amoebas.

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