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17_TheTastebudISwallowed Intallation Shot.jpg
15_TheTastebudISwallowed copy.jpg
The Tastebud I Swallowed Worm Detail.jpg
The Tastebud I Swallowed Fountain.jpg
The Tastebud I Swallowed, Detail Fountian.jpg
The Tastebud I Swallowed, Detail Fountain Wall.jpg
Subsuming Solids.jpg

The Tastebud I Swallowed, Video Installation, 2021

Alice F. and Harris K. Weston Art Gallery, Aronoff Center for the Arts, Cincinnati, OH

'Tidal Pull' Curated by Maria Seda-Reeder

7 videos with sound on alternating loops, 2 pin lights on motorised track, Vacuum formed prints of sculptures on PETG plastic, paper pulp sculptures with acrylic paint, Monster Energy beverage, sand, gel, vinyl tube, silicone tube, cosmetic gel, comic holographic peel-off face mask, acrylic painted ceramics, zip-tie 

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