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The Mutual Touch, Digital Photograph, 2020
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Pristine Machine, Multimedia Video Installation, 2019

5 videos with sound on alternating loops, sand, adhesive, various paints, Monster Energy beverage, pigment, fountain pump, silicon tubing


Questioning cycles of consumption, a melting surface, a sucking mouth, fish nibbling dead skin from fingertips, and a leech are projected across the wall. Monster energy pumps through a sculptural fountain, and colored containers of Monster are scattered throughout. Like fuel, the room smells of the sweet yet synthetic beverage.  A tangled yet hypnotic voice chants, ‘re-boot, re-boost, … clean, pristine, mean machine’.

The videos are repetitive and looping to create a hypnotic experience. Video clips include, a mouth sucking noodles, garra rufa fish nibbling on fingertips (garra rufa fish are those used in pedicure spas), a hydrotherapy leech intended for alternative bloodletting medical practices, a clip of honey and makeup dripping down the surface of a sculpture, and a spinning animation of bubbles.

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